October 6, 2022


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We tried the machine that turns fruit into soft serve


I’ve always envied folks who could fulfill their sweet tooth with a piece of fruit. For me, a handful of grapes just isn’t going to come close to a scoop of sweet, prosperous ice cream. It was not until I identified Yonanas, a kitchen area appliance that turns frozen fruit into tender serve, that I understood what was lacking in my dropping fight of tricking my brain into considering fruit was dessert: texture. Certain, taste is 50 percent of what can make ice cream, well, ice cream, but I’d argue to say that it truly is that decadent, creamy texture that keeps me coming back for additional. And that’s exactly the void Yonanas fills.

Though there are numerous appliances that have ice product-producing capabilities, Yonanas is different in that it will not include a recipe, cumbersome prep work, or a two-working day very long course of action. Rather, the nifty equipment lets you to remodel frozen fruit into an ice cream-like dessert that those people with an affinity for the cold, creamy take care of would respect. Not to point out, the machine is decently priced (choose a person up Amazon for about $40), and will not have to have the addition of cream or milk (which can increase to the calorie and extra fat information of your treat).


Produced by Dole (of course, the exact same individuals who have their sticker on your bunch of bananas), Yonanas is a device that permits you to generate wholesome “ice cream” working with bananas as a base (even though you can whip up banana-fewer recipes much too). Upon purchasing a machine you may obtain a packet made up of 36 recipes but actually, the possibilities are infinite when it comes to what you might be equipped to add in (assume: other frozen fruit, nuts or nut butter, frozen chocolate, and even coffee if the working day calls for an affogato).

The Yonanas machine arrives with a plunger, chute, blade, and gasket. Assembly was intuitive (I didn’t want an instruction manual) and took no much more than a person minute. The machine itself will not just take up significantly genuine estate on my countertop — it can be scaled-down than a foods processor but marginally even larger than a NutriBullet — which I appreciate.

How to use Yonanas

Yonanas is particularly straightforward to use and will involve three fundamental ways: freeze your fruit, thaw your fruit, and insert it into the chute. Yep, it truly is that easy. You can use any fruit of your deciding upon (bananas, strawberries, pineapples, mango, peaches — you identify it), and they can be retailer-purchased or pre-frozen from fresh new fruit. Just hold in thoughts that if you want to pre-freeze the fruit you, you can want to freeze them for at the very least 24 hrs in advance of placing them into the device. As for the bananas (which is the foundation for a lot of of the recipes you can make in the Yonanas), the model recommends taking around-ripe “cheetah-noticed” bananas, peeling them, and permitting them freeze for that 24 several hours. (Professional tip: the riper the banana, the sweeter your address will be.)

In advance of making use of the equipment, you will have to eliminate your frozen fruit from the freezer and permit it to defrost for 7 to 10 minutes — no a lot more, no fewer. This is vital and has a direct result on how your end outcome will be: thawing for any fewer time and the fruit will be also frozen, thawing for any lengthier and you can have a goopy mess on your arms.

Soon after thawing, it is really as straightforward as making certain the foundation is locked, clicking the “on” button, throwing the fruit into the chute, and pushing it down with the plunger. And of class, make confident to area a bowl beneath the opening at the bottom to catch the “soft serve” as it arrives out.

Does Yonanas function?

Now, let us talk about what truly issues right here: flavor and texture. The texture was eerily similar to ice cream, so substantially so that my anti-fruit toddler niece was shocked I was letting her have bowls on bowls of “ice cream.” The three recipes I tried out (plain bananas, bananas and a tropical fruit medley, and a mango and raspberry sorbet) have been all amazing — and wholly sweet tooth-fulfilling — to say the minimum. 

As much as taste goes, attaining that sweetness you get from ice cream will all depend on the ingredients you’re employing. For occasion, if you are employing only bananas, it’ll flavor like…bananas. But with a creamy, chilly twist. However, I didn’t skip that “artificial” sweetness I would normally get with typical ice cream. Somewhat, I observed my deal with to check out every box when it came to the features I enjoy about ice cream: creaminess, wealthy flavor, and, of class, coldness.

If you happen to be utilizing other fruits in addition to bananas, it is finest to alternate among banana halves and the other fruit to ensure the mixture has an even distribution of both of those. Also, since the stop consequence mimics the texture of ice cream so very well, you can handle it as these types of when it arrives to toppings. Crumbled graham crackers, chocolate shavings, granola, and shredded coconut are all welcomed additions to the delicate serve.

Is Yonanas value it?

I need to acknowledge, I didn’t have higher hopes for Yonanas, but I am significantly amazed that I, a self-proclaimed ice product fiend, was glad with what I created in this device. In addition, it really is a terrific way to make use of in excess of-ripe bananas that a person would may if not toss or use for nonetheless a different loaf of banana bread. My only grievance with the machine is that a excellent amount of money of fruit tends to get stuck in the blade and in the base of the chute. While not the biggest deal in the world (I basically scrape any extra into my bowl), it absolutely counteracts the “minimizing food waste” attribute if you never end up utilizing the remnants that get caught.

All in all, if you’re a die-really hard ice cream lover and are attempting to pump the brakes on how considerably of it you take in, or if you are following a vegan, keto, or dairy-free diet plan, Yonanas is undoubtedly truly worth it. Even though it is not going to flavor accurately like ice product, its distinctive mechanics makes it possible for it to supply a “dessert” that mimics the texture of soft serve. And, for the reason that it is really made out of fruit, the deal with you make in the Yonanas can be eaten as a midday snack or put up-supper take care of minus the added energy.


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