November 27, 2022


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Suwitmuaythai Clothes for Muay Thai of Fitness in Thailand and Fashion

Muay Thai is also known as kickboxing and is one of the ancient arts that are still being practiced in Thailand. This was actually introduced for the military in the earlier times for unarmed close combats, and without any doubt, it has protected this land for many centuries. Currently, it has become one of the famous sports around the world. Not just in Thailand, but you can find Muay Thai training camps all around the world, where many people get themselves registered for fitness and weight loss. So, if you are also the ones who want to get themselves registered for this amazing art, then without any doubt, you would also require Muay Thai cloth.  

Types of Muay Thai Sportswear 

In Thailand, a Muay Thai training camp for fitness program could be either indoor or outdoor, so you need to go shopping for its sportswear according to the fashion. Thailand is one of the tropical countries where it stays warm and humid all around the year. So, obviously, the design that you would choose must be open. The best thing about Muay Thai for fitness is that it does not have any specific uniform that you have to wear during the training sessions. All the attire included in it is chosen from other sports like boxing. So, now comes the different clothes that are added to it. So, the first thing comes first, and that would be Muay Thai shorts.  

Muay Thai Shorts 

As it is already clear from its name that you would require a free movement of legs to land a powerful kick against your opponent, so Muay Thai shorts must be very short in length for both men and women and should only cover the partial thigh area. Next comes Muay Thai shorts which are similar to basketball shirts. The reason behind this is the extremely humid environment which is quite troubling during the intense training sessions. As for men, there are tank tops or t-shirts. Whereas women can wear a sports bra or a tank top. The fabric that is included in this attire is cotton which quickly absorbs all the moisture and sweat from the body and keeps your body dry for comfortable training. These both were the main part of the Muay Thai sportswear at Suwitmuaythai camp, and now comes something extra for your own protection.  

Muay Thai Protection Gear 

Ankle Guard is also an important part of training at for beginners because it provides stability and support to your ankles while you land a powerful kick. Being a starter, it is really necessary to wear because, without it, you might dislocate your joint. Last but not least is the Muay Thai gloves which are quite similar to the Boxing gloves and an important part of training for beginners. These gloves would certainly help you out to punch the bag and give support to your hand and its joints. In Muay Thai training, you do not need shoes except for running sessions so that you will be barefoot for most of the time.