November 27, 2022


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SOCOM Awards $10 Million Contract for Jet Boots for Special Operators


  • US exclusive operators are investing in tech to give it an benefit against very able adversaries.
  • US Distinctive Functions Command lately awarded a $10 million agreement for jet boots to give its divers that edge.

With the US military reorienting by itself for a prospective conflict with a remarkably capable adversary, the US special-operations community is investing in abilities and technological innovation that would give it an advantage in these a conflict.

A the latest investment decision is in a futuristic piece of technological know-how that would have a whole lot of gains for 1 of that community’s toughest job: fight diver.

Jet boots

In April, US Particular Functions Command awarded a $10 million deal to the Virginia-centered company Patriot3 for the buy and routine maintenance of the Jet Boots Diver Propulsion Method. The deal is a “agency-set-cost” arrangement for the delivery of an indefinite range of jets boots up to 2027.

Jet boots use a battery pack and a brushless motor method to propel the diver. The boots have two thrusters on the aspect of every leg that the operator can maneuver with their physique, liberating up their arms for other responsibilities.

Jet boots are principally utilized by the Military Unique Forces overcome-diver groups and Navy SEALs, and versions currently in use can transfer a diver at speeds up to 4 knots even though allowing them to be “absolutely peaceful” and preserve electrical power.

The consensus among the distinctive operators who have utilized jet boots is that as soon as you get used to them they are pretty quick to use and operate. For instance, distinctive operators making use of jet boots during pay a visit to, board, look for, and seizure missions or maritime counterterrorism operations could get on target a lot quicker and be a lot more rested after they arrive.

US Navy SEAL combat diver

US Navy SEALs navigate murky waters all through a beat swimmer instruction dive, Might 18, 2006.

US Navy/CPO Andrew McKaskle

The boots have gains and negatives, according to John Black, a retired Environmentally friendly Beret warrant officer.

“Combat divers are acknowledged to and anticipated to be in a position to dive for quite long durations of time and to swim for hours on end. Based on the recent of the drinking water and the tempo of the dive, this could depart the diver exhausted by the time he reaches the beach. Then the diver is predicted to perform a mission,” Black informed Insider.

“Diving is a implies of infiltration. The overcome diver can’t be exhausted just from the infiltration,” Black added.

Shifting as a result of the water with this sort of relieve would be a terrific help to combat divers, but in some instances, there is a draw back to minimizing exertion.

“In colder waters, utilizing jet boots have to be cautiously prepared,” Black mentioned. “A diver being motionless for an hour in cold h2o, although regularly breaking new drinking water, could go away the diver hypothermic. So it have to be remembered that it is a tool, not a car or truck.”

An asset if applied correct

Becoming equipped to go farther speedier and arriving much less fatigued — and as a result better organized — would be an asset to a combat diver crew and could make a difference concerning achievements and failure.

“They come with a hefty price tag, but you get incredible final results. You have men doing 5-[kilometer swims] and working with hardly any oxygen and much more importantly being completely rested and completely ready to go upon hitting the seaside,” a retired Eco-friendly Beret with extensive expertise in combat diver operations told Insider.

The Army Unique Forces operator spoke on the problem of anonymity because of ongoing operate with the government.

A principal tenet of US specific operations is that “people — not devices — make the essential big difference,” and specific operators familiar with the jet boots warning against relying also much on know-how, as a poorly picked and properly trained commando won’t be as successful no matter of devices.

US distinctive-operations forces will continue to evolve alongside with their mission set, Black informed Insider.

“If we expect our ideal fighters to go wherever and do nearly anything, they have to be equipped with the most up-to-date engineering and tools,” Black claimed. “I do see SOF teams utilizing these [boots] more usually, nevertheless holding their main jobs and fitness at the base of every little thing they do.”

Stavros Atlamazoglou is a defense journalist specializing in unique operations, a Hellenic Military veteran (nationwide services with the 575th Maritime Battalion and Military HQ), and a Johns Hopkins College graduate.


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