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Sarah Sukumaran Is Making The Sneaker World More Inclusive For Women


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Sarah Sukumaran, Lilith NYC, #QGTM

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The sneaker environment has not generally been inviting to females, from constrained sizing to lackluster structure options and regretably, the Sneaker Head group is largely dominated by male collectors.  A analyze carried out by StockX in 2014, located that 65 percent of gentlemen participate in the shoe retail sector as opposed to 20 p.c of girls. Thankfully there are visionaries like Sarah Sukumaran who are doing work tricky to make the sneaker marketplace a far more inclusive place for females and femmes.

Sukumaran, who beforehand labored at Nike as the Director of Item in Analytics, grew disappointed when she identified that woman buyers had been expending way much more income on sneakers than their male counterparts, but why weren’t they remaining reflected in the field? The sentiment led Sukumaran down a winding route to ultimately developing her have females and femme-centered sneaker line and lifestyle brand name named Lilith NYC, symbolizing the “underrepresented individuals in the sneaker environment.”  Sukumaran is foremost the cost to assist women of all ages embrace their divine feminine strength and to exhibit up exactly how they are and who they are.  Lilith sneakers are created with functionality in mind and are rooted in optimum effectiveness for women.

MADAMENOIRE spoke with the bustling sneaker designer about taking the leap of religion through the pandemic to build her brand from the floor up, how Vibram soles enhance Lilith’s bold sneaker silhouette and how she’s reclaiming sneaker culture.


MN: What was it about the women’s sneaker buying practical experience that really didn’t sit very well with you? 

Sarah Sukumaran: I grew up kind of sneaker obsessed. I had a little bit of a expansion spurt to be truthful where by I could not even store the women’s variations. They weren’t fitting me and I was not rather attracted to them. So my mom and dad would acquire me to the nearby Footlocker, but I would be normally just drawn to the men’s portion and that just turned the norm. I assume for so a lot of females and girls, usually if you really do not match in the women’s segment, you get pushed both to grade college sizing which is young boys, or men’s and that was just the norm growing up in the 90s, particularly if you wished a silhouette, like a Penny Hardaway silhouette or like the Uptempos or Foamposites—which are all basketball silhouettes. It was created for adult men.

Speedy forward. It’s 2015. I’m at perform and I have two screens up and I’m executing operate on 1 screen and I’m searching on the other. I nevertheless located that I was possessing to browse several sites to uncover a type or colorway and at that time, I was donning a minimal little bit far more in New Equilibrium. I mentioned to myself, the searching working experience is broken, even from an E-commerce standpoint. My track record is in E-commerce analytics and I was finding just progressively disappointed. Men and women, my pals, and family would listen to me vent about it. I was like why is it that a developed lady is still possessing to shop in quality college sizing? The cause I observed that problematic is that with quality faculty sizing, the sneakers are normally a takedown of the adult variation, appropriate? So you are going to get a stripped-down model, that means cheaper products are remaining made use of. You are not finding the efficiency tooling, which is tremendous important, primarily because as females, we invest so considerably time on our feet. We’re not finding the ease and comfort and efficiency which is commonly constructed into a men’s edition.

I end up at Nike. We know from info, just general public data, that ladies outspend males in sneaker profits. A big share of our wallets goes towards sneakers. We’re outpacing men’s sneakers. We generally purchase for the residence. When I go on to a web site, it’s catered to guys but I’m shopping for for the residence and acquiring for my kid and getting for my partner and myself. They make the overall shopping encounter pretty male-centric.  This predicament was broken and nothing at all had changed from when I was 8 several years previous. Walking into a Footlocker and going to the men’s part was still incredibly a great deal the situation in 2022.


The sneaker resale match is a $2 billion company. Do you imagine ladies are missing out on prospects in the room as properly?

Certainly! The cause they miss out on out on that is mainly because the resale sector is a beast of its personal, suitable? The benefit is tied to even sizing, so, if you had been a specific sizing and you go onto a resale system, these measurements then garner a better worth of resale price. Let’s say, I acquired the Conchords, but I experienced to buy them in quality faculty sizing. If I have a pair of grade college sizing and I place that up for resale, the worth only is not going to be as much, for the reason that the 9½ men’s is the most typical sizing, but also since the shoe was just produced far better than the children’s variation. You go away females out of the resale current market when they don’t have obtain to the high quality of a shoe that was made for a male, basically. I sense like you type of strip out women of all ages, even from the jump and they are not capable to take part in that. Even while Lilith doesn’t take part in resale, from a cultural standpoint, we go away ladies behind when you look at the shoe that she’s buying and trying to resell.


You begun Lilith during the pandemic. What a really hard time to start off a business. How was that procedure?

Yeah, it was attention-grabbing. I was at Nike. I quit. I gave discover in February, and my previous day was March 2. Two months later on, we all caught wind of the worldwide pandemic. I would say in hindsight, it was a wonderful time to construct because all people was indoors. You know, we’re all on Zoom. Every thing had to sort of go digital which was not the biggest. Ordinarily, you want to be on the manufacturing unit ground performing with the factory on your samples. You want to be in a position to contact swatch samples like leather-based samples. We did not get the opportunity to do that all the things was carried out remotely. My designer was based mostly in Colombia. She would from time to time come to New York, you know, as soon as the situation bought far better, but everything was done about e-mail and interaction. So it slowed items down quite a bit.


We enjoy that Lilith’s main mission is about representing the underrepresented. This information actually seeps into the brand’s promoting, even the aesthetic of the sneaker. We seen that all the versions that you use on the web-site are of coloration, way too. Was that intentional as very well?

Yeah, I consider, traditionally, even from a brand name standpoint, one huge matter we needed to type of make investments in was the model ethos, which was that brown individuals, black people, we drive sneaker lifestyle, but we’re really seldom represented in the photography and the campaigns and the ads. I imagine even when you look at it, women of all ages are were in essence the world the greater part, proper? When you glimpse at people of coloration, people normally assume of us and they use the word minority, but we are the world the vast majority. I like to sort of spin that and say if which is the situation, why are we not being sold to accordingly? Mainly because historically, the brand’s strategies have normally had designs that really do not even participate in sneaker tradition, but that’s the model that they’ll set on. I preferred to be extremely intentional about who we made use of. So for example, we experienced two shoots, we experienced the 1 in Queens, which had individuals who have been from Queens, some of whom are sneaker obsessed, and then we had a shoot in Sri Lanka, which form of ties back to the storytelling of my roots. That was quite, extremely considerably intentional.

Can you explain to us a tiny bit about the story of Lilith? This is our first time listening to about this folklore. How does her strong tale join to the brand’s ethos?

Lilith arrives from, I would say Mesopotamian Babylonian Jewish folklore wherever she is Adam’s initial wife. She gets composed out of record because we generally listen to the tale of Adam and Eve in the Back garden of Eden, but Lilith is essentially that serpent, who receives represented as the temptation. She didn’t want to be submissive to Adam. She gets created out of background by male scholars, but she’s like the very first feminist in our eyes and she’s very self-actualized in her story. The reason why we named the brand following her is you know, I’ve always operated as a lady in tech and as a girl in footwear, our stories are continuously obtaining attributed to men, they are constantly acquiring erased. We really don’t have a seat at the table. So, I felt like Lilith was just the excellent name to form of bring back again her storytelling by means of the lens of consciousness.


Let us discuss about the style course of action powering the shoes!  Lilith sneakers are produced with Vibram soles as perfectly, suitable? How do they make the sneaker exceptional?

Yeah, that is correct. For so lengthy, gals have had general performance tooling stripped out of their shoes. So when you demonstrate a Vibram sole to a dude, they totally understand the yellow logo. The brand is usually utilized in mountaineering boots or effectiveness use boots. But when you discuss to gals about Vibram, they have not read of it. To me, that showcases that women of all ages haven’t appreciated the stage of efficiency that adult males have historically. The other piece of opinions I had gotten from talking to women of all ages for the previous few of several years is that they wanted the comfort of a Berkshire and Asics in a life style shoe. They desired a thing a tiny a lot more classy, a thing tonal. Which is form of why we continue on to perform with Vibram. It’s to introduce the functionality. You have that amount of comfort that feels like you are walking on clouds, but it’s tonal the place you know, it is not garish, doesn’t have reflective components. You can effortlessly wear it with a costume or denims to meal.


Do you feel Lilith is your way of reclaiming sneaker culture in a way? In excess of the past handful of years, there has been a debate that the sneaker sector and community have turn out to be gentrified.

Yeah, 100 percent! I consider that was type of the drive at the rear of even just you know, who we styled in the campaigns, proper? Certainly, I feel it’s it’s the unfortunate route that sneaker tradition has taken, but I imagine even a lot more so, traditionally, when you just take a appear at legacy footwear models, it is been pushed by male activity right? Like white athletes and even athletes of color and Black folks, but traditionally just rooted in male activity. Silhouettes have been produced for the reason that of male activity. For 50 many years, as long as individuals legacy manufacturers have been all around, women have not been at the center of making silhouette variations, specifically for them. So I would say what truly has been certainly mind-blowing is that we have conditioned women of all ages to be ok buying in the men’s segment as opposed to truly generating products and solutions for them. That was at the forefront when constructing the brand name.


What is 1 piece of tips that you can give females that are not only wanting to break into the sneaker field but any marketplace for that make a difference?

I experience like this assistance is constantly provided but, the hardest section is taking the leap. I had this idea in 2015, but I did not act on it. Like I did not even just take the small things. All I did was I purchased the domain. I created the Instagram handle, but for 5 several years, I did definitely very little, even a lot more, I feel was a little more than 5 years, I didn’t do just about anything with it. I believe I could have easily started off a little something no matter if it was running a blog, start putting up photos of my sneaker selection again in 2015. But I did not do it. I just acquired caught up with you know, the planet that I was in, the company I was with. I would say just choose modest steps. You really don’t have to give up your career. I think that is the other factor. People assume that to start off on a facet hustle, you will need to stop your entire-time work but you know, you can easily find your enthusiasm. Just continue to work and develop on the facet. Some people today consider that you have to go all-in, specifically if you take undertaking money or a thing of that form. Just choose the leap, then function gradually to construct it.



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