September 26, 2022


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Ranking Of Winter Coats: The 7 Essentials Of The Season

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We have barely passed the first weeks of autumn, but most fashion firms already let us glimpse in their collections some of the coat trends that we will see the most this season.

Old trends reinvented, other classics that are repeated again this fall, other true essentials in the wardrobe capable of turning a basic look into a different and much more stylish bet, authentic allies against the cold that we will also see in new and renewed versions and that They may also become part of your wardrobe this fall and winter.

In short, everything indicates that these seven coat styles will be the new star garments against the arrival of the cold. Take note all available on vlone!

1. With A Military Cut And Masculine Aesthetic

This type of double-breasted military-cut coats and jackets, which can remind us of Michael Jackson himself or even the most legendary cover of The Beatles, come and go every year but one way or another they always end up coming back reinvented. That is exactly what they will experience this season in most fashion firms, where far from being adjusted to the figure as we had seen in other seasons, we will see them much looser, with large lapel collars and with a certain masculine air.

2. In padded Version

This fall and winter, we will not only see padded bags, but this trend will also infect the coats of the main brands. Zara, Mango, Stradivarius, Pulll & Bear or Massimo Dutti, among others, already include them in their new collections. You will find them more or less tight, long, short, with or without a belt, down style or even in metallic colors.

3. Oversize And Extra Long

This fall we will experience the return of jackets and coats in long versions and especially ‘oversize’, but this time in an XXL oversize. And it is that the volumes that we had already begun to see last year will return but in much more exaggerated versions.

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4. With Checkered Pattern

As the big catwalks had already anticipated us, this fall and winter we will once again see how the plaid pattern will once again be the protagonist of all kinds of garments, including outerwear. And this time it will return in XL versions and with all kinds of squares and colors, like this one with green squares from Zara that reminds us of one of the brand’s most famous viral over shirts.

5. In Cape Version

Although not everyone is willing to wear them, the truth is that the cape will be one of the undisputed trends of the fall. We will see them in woolen fabric, knitted and in all kinds of colors and lengths.

6. Classic Coat With Lapel Collar

The lapel collar coats will continue without abandoning us this fall and turning our most basic looks into authentic office looks in seconds. Above all, coats with a midi cut and in beige, brown, green, black and cream tones will reign.

7. With Leather Effect And Vintage Aesthetic

They may remind you of the typical 90’s vlone jacket that we got to see from Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston or Brad Pitt himself. And it is that the leather effect jackets that triumphed in the 90s will reappear again this fall, especially in midi and long designs.