March 24, 2023


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How to identify cheap perfume from an expensive one

How to identify cheap perfume from an expensive one
How to identify cheap perfume from an expensive one

Most people cannot go out without wearing perfume; it is an essential part of self-care that cannot be neglected. No one wants to smell offensive, neither does anyone wants to associate with those who do. When it comes to shopping for perfumes, there are no extremes in distinguishing an expensive perfume from cheap perfume. What mostly determines what appeal to us is the type of memories the smell of the perfume is linked with and the definitions we associate with it. However, here are a few suggestions for helping you differentiate between cheap and expensive perfumes:

 Cheap perfume tends to have a more potent smell than expensive perfume

Most cheap perfumes smell sweeter than expensive perfumes because they are usually made with the marketing mindset of selling to young people who do not have much to spend, not because of the cost of ingredients. It is generally assumed that younger people have a poorer sense of smell than adults, so the sweeter smell is more suitable for them than adults with keener senses of smell. Additionally, expensive perfumes usually have several types of fragrances. These fragrances are gotten from essential oils. Essential oils are more expensive and have different levels of potency: top notes, mid notes, and base notes. The smell of the top notes lasts for about 2 hours while that of the mid notes lasts between two to four hours. The smell of the base notes lasts all through the day. However, for cheap perfumes, only the top notes are replicated. In some, you may be fortunate to get the mid notes. Besides, some manufacturers now use synthetic fragrances in their perfume production. Perfumes such as these are not as sophisticated or sweet-smelling as the expensive ones. Perfumes are mostly sold by fashion companies such as The Perfume Spot.

Cheap perfume tends to have poor packaging compared to expensive ones

If you buy a high-quality perfume, you will find that the containers are smooth while those of cheap perfumes are rough. Sometimes, the bottles of cheap perfumes are made from plastic and are poorly constructed. Because designer perfume makers believe that the bottle is also part of the overall perfume experience, the bottle will have fitting caps making spill-proof and a smooth surface. Also, the box the perfume comes has flawless seams. No or little adhesive or plastic is used in making the boxes of expensive perfumes. Before you buy any perfume, you should check out more information on the designer’s website. You should also look out for any moving thing inside the bottle. If anything moves when you shake it, it is a sign of poor quality.

Cheap perfumes tend to have poorer reviews than expensive ones

Does anyone ever complain about a good thing? Another indicator is that cheap perfumes drive poorer customer reviews. Before buying your perfume, you must check out online reviews about the product. If a perfume turns out to be nice, those who have used it will say good things about it. But if you see mostly negative reviews about a product, then you should know that is a red flag. Ensure you do all within your means to buy a perfume that turns out nice. For instance, do not buy your perfumes on the street or from any random person. You should buy in departmental stores where you can closely examine the packaging and return it if you find it is fake and will not get ripped off. It is a plus if you buy from a store that offers a warranty on their products. It is worthy of note that not all high-quality perfumes are expensive. There are some very good perfumes that are affordable. An expensive perfume does not also automatically translate to implying the perfume is a good one.

Cheap perfumes tend to cause health problems than expensive ones

Because of the synthetic fragrances, cheap perfumes are more likely to cause allergic reactions if you wear them. You may find that you are sneezing uncontrollably, you have respiratory reactions or skin irritation. Cheap perfumes mostly contain untested and unhealthy chemicals that should be nowhere near your skin or respiration. In order not to be deceived, try sniffing the perfume before you buy it. On the spot, you will notice how your body will react to it. If your body reacts badly, that is a sign you should leave it. High-quality perfumes are not only pleasant to smell but free from health hazards as well. Before buying any perfume, go on the designer’s website to read about the ingredients used. If you are allergic to any one of them, then you should not buy such perfume. Go for the ones with ingredients you like to smell. Also, ensure you buy your perfumes from reliable brands and stores.