March 24, 2023


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How to Give a 50th Anniversary Speech – Golden Wedding Speeches

Giving a speech is never easy, even after 50 years of marriage. Some might even say it isn’t easy especially after 50 years of marriage. With the strong emotions and the deeper connection it will always be harder to convey those feelings you have shared with your loved ones with words. Here is a guideline to help you give the speech your dear ones will always remember.

Getting Started

It is appropriate to first thank the guests for coming to the celebration of 50 years in marriage. If appropriate mention a few special guests such as children or especially parents if the couple is blessed enough to have them there. Make sure and mention the 50 years part. Guests are there to applaud such an accomplishment and they want to hear it said out loud.

Words to Say About your Loved One

If you are the husband or wife of the celebrated couple, start your speech by keeping it simple at first. Thank your spouse for hanging in there for the many years you’ve had together. “I thank my lovely wife (or husband) more than anything for being there for me every step of the way. I do not know what I would of done without her.” Don’t be afraid to tell your love story. Picture your spouse the first time you kissed, the butterflies you felt when you first realized you fell in love, your first date. Picture yourself growing together and the times that were hard that you made it through. Then you will touch the heart strings of your guests. You don’t have to give an entire background of your life, most the guests will already know it. Share a specific story or a specific moment in your marriage that was bliss. Mention those particulars of your marriage that will inspire those younger than you. Talk about love in tribulation, feelings of love, admiration, and respect. Your guests will want to feel what you felt at the greatest moments of your marriage. They are looking to you for encouragement. No matter what, end your speech with an expression of love towards your loved one. It always helps to give a special gift during your speech especially for your golden anniversary.

What to Say if You Are the One Speaking to The Celebrated Couple

Breaking into a speech is the hardest part so just introduce yourself and the words will start to come. Give a simple background like names of you, your spouse, and your relation to the couple and tell the other guests that you are happy to be there. Think about the couple, picture their life together from the first day they got married, to pregnancy and having children, to the hardships, and to the joys. Then give your speech. It will be from the heart and it will be felt by everyone. Share a quip, a short story, or a specific inspiring moment you have experience with the couple. Offer a congratulations and then, hand the floor over to somebody else.

If you give a speech from the heart you can’t go wrong. After all you are there either because you have made it 50 years in marriage or because you mean something to a couple that has been married 50 years.