October 7, 2022


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Groupon customer furious with ‘sexist’ advert selling spray mops ‘for women’

The woman took to Twitter to share her disgust after she found an advert for a Groupon product which Google had listed as “women’s spray mop” – and her followers were just as shocked

Shoppers weren’t happy

A woman was stunned after spotting a “sexist” mop for sale on Groupon.

The woman was searching for a new Groupon steam mop on Google when she came across one that particularly caught her eye.

The mop, which comes in five different colours, costs £8.99 and is listed as a “Women’s spray mop with microfibre pads” on Google.

But when you click onto the link for the Groupon site, the description reads as “Spray mop with two microfibre pads.”

After making the discovery, the unhappy shopper took to Twitter writing a sarcastic comment to Groupon asking whether it was selling a unisex mop or one that men could use so that her husband could clean the floors too.

When you clicked through onto Groupon it said something different



Since being posted, the tweet has received a lot of attention, with many people labelling the advert as “unacceptable” and “terrible”.

One wrote: “That’s terrible!”

Another added: “What the hell? @Groupon_UK this is totally and utterly unacceptable. Someone needs firing for this!!!!! #sexism#causalsexism#groupon.”

A third said: “I had to do a double take! Are they for real?”

And: “Obviously a male one would have flames on the side and be blue” joked a fourth.

Whilst one person thought it was a marketing ploy from Groupon.

According to a spokesperson for Groupon: “Groupon does not believe that housework is in any way gender specific.

“Sadly the issue was caused by automation software. The purchase trends for this particular product found that it had been purchased by a large percentage of women and so the automation software added the word Women’s to this particular paid advert.

“However, nowhere on our site or on our system have we used this description as we are aware that everyone’s floors get dirty and we are all capable of cleaning them.

“We are reviewing this process and those responsible for not catching this and removing the ad are now officially on mopping duties. We want to apologise for any upset caused.”

And since the advert was also present on Google, a spokesperson said: “We value diversity and respect for others, and we strive to avoid offending users so, we don’t allow ads or destinations that display shocking content or promote hatred, intolerance, discrimination or violence. When ads breach our policies we take action.”

Google have also confirmed that the advert has been removed.

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