September 26, 2022


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Five Beautiful Tops to Wear with Favorite Bottoms in Summer 2021

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Stepping out of the home with a casual dress is not a bad idea. Casual dressing is one of the most attractive and social options for the girls. Nowadays, fashion designers are changing the concepts of casual outfits. They are in touch with the leading fashions stores such as Sivvi in KSA and dealing with the social platforms such as The purpose of these connections is to make Sivvi discount code an accessible choice for the customers. Shop the casual outfits, clothes and accessories to upgrade your living standard at home or around. 

Solid Cami Tank Top:

This comes with a bustier padded bra. Tank tops are everyone’s favorite when it comes to choose the summer dresses. Tank tops have additional power and energy to capture the attention of viewers. On the other hand, these come in numerous designs, patterns and prints. This offers the girls select colorful and style tank tops with the bottoms already present in the wardrobe. 

Bralette Blouse Top:

This is a staple top dress in Europe and America. Arab women are inspired with western fashions. This is why Arab fashion designers and stylists are working on bralette blouse tops and other pieces. Sivvi fashion store has the largest collection of beautiful top bralette blouses. Consider the blouse top and shop it after redeeming Sivvi discount code. 

Crop Top:

We can’t miss the name of crop tops. These are amazing and fabulous for the girls who have a modest fashion routine. Try this Spanish looking crop top with your favorite blue jeans. Do you have Denim in the closet? This sounds fine because denim jeans are the most suitable bottoms for the white crop tops. Most crop tops come with a deep neckline. This is why girls should wear scarf in order to cover the additional part of the head, neck and shoulders. 

Stylish Off-White Crop Top:

 As mentioned above, crop tops come in variety of designs and styles. Those who are searching for the trending choices should select the name of Saava at Sivvi store. This store holds the top fashion brands. It has biggest collection of crop tops. Each variety has unique style and design. The off-white crop top looks awesome with black jeans or even with the trousers. Try pairing it with your favorite dark colored tights to have a charming look. 

Solid Party Crop Top:

At Sivvi store, we have numerous brands and designers. Each of these designers and brands offers unique styles and outfitting choices. The name of Miss Chase comes first when we talk about the casual dressing. Order the solid party crop top in white with Sivvi discount code. Pair it with casual pants, trousers and even with the skirts. 


Modern day tops are different from what our grandmas used. These are with smart features such as coloring, necklines, puffer style and more. Keep in mind when you decide to reorganize collection of beautiful crop tops. This will let you complete the summer casual outfits for all types of events.