October 1, 2022


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Face Brushes for Your Perfect Makeup


Aren’t face brushes one of the most important tools in the makeup industry? It is impossible to imagine doing makeup without a makeup brush. From applying foundation to concealers, contours, blush and even highlighters, we need a face brush to apply the makeup. As we can see, face brushes come in various forms and are available in multiple shapes and sizes. 


Different Types of Face Brushes

Multiple types of face makeup brushes are available on the market, and they all have a specific purpose. Assorted face brush kits are better for beginners.


Makeup Foundation Brush

Makeup Foundation is available in cream, gel and powder, and each requires a separate applicator. Specially designed to apply foundation, the liquid foundation brush is flat, fully rounded or dome-shaped. The shape allows the foundation to apply seamlessly. However, it is not mandatory to use a foundation blend brush. A makeup sponge can also do the same. 


Concealer Brush

Specially designed to apply concealer, these brushes are just a mini version of the foundation brush. Flat, rounded and thin, which allows covering the small spaces such as under the eyes, around the nose or any other targeted spot.


Contour Brush

Specially designed to contour faces, the contour brushes are angled and straight in shape. Due to this specific shape, it gets even easier to contour the face with the brush.


Powder Brush

A fluffy, round, dome-shaped brush that easily takes the necessary amount of powders from the product and leaves into the faces. A makeup powder brush also helps to apply blush or bronzer. The fluffier the brush, the more seamless the application will be.


Highlighters Brush

Also known as a fan brush, these brushes are long, tapered and fan-shaped. The highlighter brushes are specially designed in such a way that it makes the application easy and convenient. 


Angular Eyebrow Brush

As the name suggests, it is an angular, sharp, straight brush specially designed to apply products to the eyebrows. These brushes can be said to be a thinner version of contour brushes. A good eyebrow brush can make your eyebrow look sharp and fully done.


Eyeshadow Brush

Eyeshadow brushes are round, fluffy and dome-shaped. However, it comes in various sizes to make the application easy. Smaller brushes help to apply eyeshadows in smaller areas, whereas bigger ones are used to cover bigger areas.


Mascara Wand

These are curled, 360-degree spoolie wands that are perfect for applying mascara. The 360-degree shape helps it to apply mascara seamlessly.


Lip Liner Brush

As the name says, lip liners outline the lips. It is a thin, sharp and precise brush that points only towards the outline of your lips. 


Blush With Brush

Blush brushes are usually used for liquid, creme and powder blush formulas. These brushes will allow you to pick up an ideal blush consistency and leave the perfect amount on your cheeks.


Best Face Brushes in the Market 

Here is a list of some of the best-selling face brushes on the market.


Colorbar USA Picture Perfect Foundation Brush

A brush that blends foundation flawlessly with ease. This perfectly formed makeup brush gets into places that fingers can’t. The bristles’ slim design mixes easily for a streak-free application and fits the contours of the face.


Colorbar USA First Impressions Face Powder Brush

A fluffy pink-coloured face powder brush that spreads powder evenly across the face. The facial brush makes applying powder on the face easy. The bushy soft synthetic bristles blend the powder evenly on the face to give a camera-ready appearance. The spherical form gives a smooth and even appearance by removing powderiness.


Real Techniques Flawless Base Face Brush Set 1533

It is a brush set containing a contour brush, a detailer brush, a buffing brush and a square foundation brush. The contour brush gently applies powder contour. The detailer brush applies liquid or cream concealers. The buffing brush helps lay powder foundation for full coverage, while the square foundation brush helps evenly layer liquid or cream foundation.


Real Techniques Expert Face for Foundation Brush 1411

A pink foundation brush is ideal to use with liquid and cream concealers. The brush blends foundation evenly onto the skin with its dense bristles and small plush head.


Colorbar USA Kabuki Crazy Blending Brush

A blending brush for applying makeup. This dome-shaped brush with soft bristles allows easy and convenient application of makeup products. It enables the smooth blending of powder, bronzer or highlighter on the skin, providing even coverage.


Real Techniques Finish Setting Brush 1413

A pink setting brush is ideal for use with translucent powders and powder highlighters. The brush, with its soft bristles, precisely and evenly blends powder onto the contours of the face.


Real Techniques Expert Concealer Brush 1542

A pink concealer brush is ideal for liquid and cream concealers. The brush blends concealers evenly onto the skin with its dense bristles and small plush head.


Wet n Wild Pro Brush Line Tapered Blending Brush

A professional makeup brush suitable for blending eyeshadows. The ultra-soft bristles of this brush blend eyeshadow into the eyelid’s crease with precision.


Health & Glow Pro-Touch Powder Brush

A luxurious all-purpose powder brush for makeup. It can work with compact, blush, bronzer, and highlighter. Its large dome-shaped brush ensures easy blending and coverage. It helps the makeup to stay in place throughout the day without forming any creases.


Health & Glow Red Hot Contour Brush

A red and black contour brush. With its soft, pliable bristles and angled head, this brush allows smooth and even application and blending of makeup products onto the face.


All these brushes are available on Health and Glow. Visit the Health and Glow website to buy face pack brush, powder brush, compact powder brush, loose powder brush, foundation brush sponge and powder foundation brushes. You can also get an assorted foundation brush set or the entire face makeup brush set.