What R29 Shopping Editors Actually Bought For Under $100 This Month

Ira A. Johnson

If we had $100 to spend, what would we buy? Our answers to this question look decidedly different than they did at the beginning of March. Finances are tight, and not everyone can afford to drop a Benjamin on non-essentials, we get it. Which is why this month’s edition of our Shopping team’s MVPs is not a guide to what you should be buying — it’s simply a list of items that helped us find a small slice of comfort during these uncertain times. We hope maybe one or two can do the same for you.

Ahead, the under-$100 products we actually bought, used, and came to rely on over the past 30+ days: from a new chemistry-based deodorant to a cooling mattress pad discovered on Amazon and a $5 D.C.-cherry-blossom bandana that supports Black artists. Scroll on to web-window shop, feel seen, inspired, fatigued, or just

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